Mew Candy Corn

Human Name

Kotte Godisberg


14 at introduction, 15 Currently






Candy Corn Cymbals




August 3rd )

Mew Candy Corn, also known by her first name Kotte, is a Mew in the Tegaki Mew Mew RP universe. Her name roughly translated means Corn Candytown.She was born and raised in Sweden by two average Swedish parents. Her uncle married a Japanese woman and upon becoming pregnant, decided to stay and raise the child in Japan. Kotte arrived in Japan to visit her cousin Miwa, and through a series of events she accidentally became a Mew.


Kotte is 5'7 with an athletic (yet curvy b/c she's Swedish duh) body.She has short orange hair and yellow-green eyes, which appear more yellow in Mew form. Her skin tone is an averaged northern European, slightly ruddy from sun exposure.


Generally enthusiastic, she tends to say a lot of things she picked out of old Japanese fighting and samurai movies (ex. "This evil stops now", "You'll pay for this one thousand fold"). She also is not always up to speed with everyone else in terms of language, she'll nod politely but she knows general Japanese after some time spent there and can't read kanji to save her life. She's overly dramatic and is slightly stupid. However, she's usually very optimistic and cares much for what others think of her.


Kotte in the train accident.


After being badly injured in the train incident, her family forced her to return to Sweden for the free health care and to spend time together. After breaking an arm, leg, and several ribs, Kotte entered into gymnastics for rehabilitation. Paired with the flexibility her Margay DNA has given her, she's an advanced gymnast. She's returned to Japan to continue with the mew mission and to attend high school there. She is now quite fluent in Japanese but continues to struggle with Kanji and most advanced reading.