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Human Name:

Dakumomo Kasshokuhayashi


Daku, Momo (prefers Daku)










May 5 (Kodomo no Hi)

Blood Type:





3rd Year; Attends Shokaku (Private) Junior High School

In a nutshell, Dakumomo (褐色林ダークもも) is member of the Tokyo Mew Mew. She was accidentally transformed into a mew by Roland and must help fight the aliens attempting to take over Earth.

Played by IgneousRocks on TegakiE.



Prunus persica

Dakumomo's name is based off of the velvety fruit, peach.

Broken down, "Dakumomo" consists of "daku" (written in katakana as "ダーク", dak-ku) meaning dark, and "momo" (written in hiragana as "もも") meaning peach.

Her surname, Kasshokuhayashi, is written as "褐色林". The name is composed of two japanese words; "kasshoku", 褐色, meaning brown, and "hayashi", 林, meaning woods.


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Mew Form

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Mew FormEdit

DNA: Island Fox

Mew Mark Location: Between clavicles (hidden under mew pendant)

Weapon: Yamamomo Morsing (Yamamorushingu)*

Attack: Ribbon Dark Peach Strike!

  • Ringing the Chimes and then trusting the weapon in the direction of Chimera Anima releases an energy beam.

Human Form Edit

Daily Style: She tries to dress both girly and modestly.

School Uniform: Standard uniform for all girls attending Shokaku Junior High.

Café Uniform: In a shade of pinkish-brown.

Personality 'n StuffEdit

Dakumomo is a lively, very friendly but sometimes hard headed girl, who thoroughly enjoys protecting earth but, like most of the mews, loathes the weight that comes with being a mew— particularly sprouting ears and tail. Her greatest fear is having someone catch a glimpse of this alien feature and knowing her true identity. Although she is proud of what she does as a mew, she’s read enough manga to come to a belief that disaster would ensue.

She is loud, complains a lot and has very extreme emotions. On occasions her fox genes cause her to be tricky and a bit mischievous— on occasion webbing modest rumors or eavesdropping information in order to avoid mundane activities around the cafe. Much to her despair however, she is still outwitted by Ryou and cannot escape washing dishes and unclogging toilets after hours.

Unlike Yamamomo, Dakumomo’s grades elevated subsequent to becoming a mew and she does not have trouble when missing school to fight chimera.

Dakumomo’s piqued hearing senses and sly movements make her an ideal canidtate for investigating “suspicious” sites




Fun Facts

  • Dakumomo’s favorite hobby is making plush dolls/animals.
  • She is an effortless busy body.
  • Can at times come off as a "bratty younger sister".
  • A redeeming quality, although she can spin a tale as wild as the sea, she is not quick to judge a person.
  • Her goal is to pass her classes as a normal student and to get a kiss from celebrity crush “Gaguko”.

Likes: Recycling, community service, fluffy animals, older celebrities, and fruit dipped in chocolate, coffee.

Dislikes: being treated like a kid, working overtime at the café, being left out of gossip, bullies

Theme Song: "Flower" (2011) by Atsuko Maeda

Atsuko Maeda - Flower (Live)

Atsuko Maeda - Flower (Live)

Atsuko Maeda - Flower (Live)