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What a nerd.

'Mew Fig, also known as Ichijiku Kita (キタ'イチジク) how do I Japanese, is a member of the superhero team Tokyo Mew Mew. He's pretty new to this.

He's played by Angst Bombs on Tegaki E.

Mew Fig



Given Name:







5'11" (180.3 cm)


162 lbs (73.5 kgs)


November 18th

Blood Type

Type A


Taisho High School (3rd Year)


Lesser Electric Ray


Ichijiku is a very hardworking student who is very reluctant about this whole 'mew mew' thing, mostly because it interferes with his study time. Due to his obsession with good grades and somewhat reclusive nature, he has only a few acquaintances and no close friends.

Despite this, he is incredibly dedicated to his family, to the point where he considers his older sister his best friend. He is a total mama's boy and his greatest fear is disappointing his mother. He's afraid that his mother will see his mew mark and think that he's getting a tattoo and becoming a rebel.

His mother is way more easygoing that he makes her out to be.

Other notes on his personality are that he keeps to himself a lot, and often sounds a lot less interested in things than he actually is. He's not that great at socializing since he's not used to having friends, and doesn't speak unless spoken to. He always tries to stay polite!


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Still a nerd.

Ichijiku is pretty tall and kind of buff. In human form, his appearance is pretty subdued--black hair, black eyes, and glasses. He's not very fashionable, so when he's not in uniform he's usually just wearing a dress shirt and slacks. He slicks his hair back because it gets staticy when he transforms, being an electric fish and all. He has an idiot hair that always hangs down on his forehead, even when his hair isn't styled. His mom thinks it's cute.


In mew form, his hair turns auburn and his eyes turn yellow. His mew outfit is based on a 1920's men's swimsuit, complete with goggles, gloves, and some incredibly nondescript shoes because I am not good at designing those okay. His goggles also do a good job at hiding the fact that he doesn't have visible ears in this form. His gloves and goggles are also rubberized to minimize chances of shocking himself when attacking.

Also he has a gross slimey sting ray tail.