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May 12

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cee on Tegaki

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Physical Appearance Edit

Snickerdoodle has a very distinct appearance from a majority of the other aliens. Her skin is a rosy tan color, and she has freckles on her cheeks going all the way across her nose, with a few on her arms and legs. It has been suggested that perhaps she comes from a surface colony, but she hasn't cared to elaborate on that. Her hair is a light golden blonde and pulled into high pigtails of tight ringlets that fall to just above her shoulders, with straightened bangs framing her face and falling in between her eyes. She has bright orange eyes, and the collar and waist cloths of her mantle and skirt match that shade. Both the collar and waist cloth connect by a golden ring in the center in the front; the mantle and skirt themselves are sheer and the color of cinnamon. She has off-white wraps around her chest (with her midriff showing), waist, hips, forearms, and calves, though the arm and leg wraps are mostly covered by cinnamon-colored arm and leg warmers -- trimmed with orange at the tops -- respectively. She wears her ribbons as bows in her hair rather than on her back like most of her kind, though it's unsure if this is an act of rebellion or simple preference. Snickerdoodle tends to not wear shoes when she can avoid it unless she's going on a mission where the terrain is too rough to run the risk of bare feet. In that case she'll usually wear orange leather slippers.

Personality and Traits Edit

A so far somewhat secretive alien, Snickerdoodle is generally pretty childish (though at her age, that's to be expected) and is never seen without a smile present, ever. Except maybe rare times when she falls asleep and her facial muscles do their own thing. It's hard to really tell if she's actually so happy all the time or if she's faking it for a greater goal. Not enough is known about her to analyze her actions yet, though she'll have to spill something to someone eventually.

Weapon Edit

Snick carries a naginata, a Japanese pole weapon with a wooden shaft and a curved blade on the end, which, unlike a spear, can be used for either slicing or stabbing. The long-range weapon is used to compensate for her height, though she's fumbled with it quite a few times due to the fact that the naginata is taller than she is; usually Snickerdoodle is okay in a fight, but not everyone can be expected to be a child prodigy. She'll get better with it in time.

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